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Some Background on Reefer's

Reefer's Fishing Tackle is an online store which has been created and ran by a fisherman local to Cornwall. All products you see are used by myself, and have caught me many fish from shore. My objective is to make a range of products that suit the need of most Anglers, whether you fish from shore or from boat, beginner or experienced. we will have something for you!

The website features a variety of handcrafted and affordable products for any Angler. From the sales we make we like to make a monthly contribution to Pancreatic Cancer Charity, further driving the passion we have for our business and the customers surrounding it. 

Our passion for Fishing and product quality has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. We have spent the past two years changing, updating and bettering our own fishing tackle to see what works best, and what stands up to the test. We understand how important quality is, which is why we provide products which are made by an Angler, for an Angler. 

Please check out our store and special offers, and get in touch via my email with any questions or requests for desirable colour schemes or products.

you can find me on Instagram or find our Facebook Page!

JimboRees6 - Instagram

ReefersFishingTackle - Facebook


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